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Fantastic course, everything was explained very clearly and it was easy to understand. I’m looking forward to enrolling in other of your courses as I enjoyed how the course was logically organised in the easy to follow sections (I also liked the quizes, the questions were everything I needed to check if I got everything correctly). Thanks so much!



Kotlin for Beginners: Learn Programming With Kotlin

Learn Kotlin, the new JVM language that builds on Java and fixes many of its issues. This course guides you from beginner level all the way to advanced topics. It covers all basics including variables, expressions, nullable types, functions, if and when conditions, for and while loops, classes and objects, inheritance, Kotlin’s data classes, and more object-oriented concepts.

The course contains free new lectures covering more and more advanced topics. You get
personal access to me and can ask me all your questions along the way.

The course covered Kotlin basics in a most understandable manner. The instructor’s method and the course’s format were very good.


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The Complete Flexbox Tutorial: Learn CSS3 Flexbox in 2017

Improve your CSS3 skills with the new Flexbox box model to create powerful layouts with
minimal code. Among other things, you’ll learn how to vertically center any element, how to create grids very easily, and how to take up remaining space in a container. This is a great tool to have under your belt to take your productivity to the next level.

I started this course knowing nothing about Flex and now I believe that I can use it in my day-to-day development process.


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The Complete Sass & SCSS Course: From Beginner to Advanced

Tired of writing CSS code? Ever wanted to store reused values in variables, modularize your code, increase your productivity and finish your web design projects faster?

Sass & SCSS can do all that and more! And the transition is super easy. In fact, every valid CSS stylesheet is also a valid SCSS stylesheet. Sass just adds a whole truckload of awesomeness to your plain old CSS. This includes variables, reusable mixins, useful built-in functions, and calculations. Sass will then generate your CSS code (you can also have it compressed, if you want).

Sass and SCSS has always confused me but I’ve always wanted to learn it. Starting from knowing nothing about this system I now know how to create websites using this new preprocessor system. Loved this course.


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 The Complete jQuery Course: From Beginner to Advanced

Get the grip of the most popular JavaScript framework in the world – used by 66% of all sites on the web! This jQuery course will give you all the skills to use jQuery productively in your next project.

In various coding activities, you’ll apply what you learn and see real-world applications. The course includes animations in jQuery, DOM manipulations, creating image galleries, form validation, and using Ajax with jQuery.

Awesome course, really dives deep into JQuery and Peter explains the concepts in a concise manner. Peter has also responded to every question I’ve asked and provided additional reading content for me to look over to help me understand some more specific points. 5 Stars for sure.


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